lake encroachment in bangalore

Residents of Bangalore have been increasingly more concerned about the problem of lake encroachment. Leading architectural and urban planning firm SCON Design India Pvt Ltd has been collaborating with local authorities to resolve this problem. They have enlisted skilled land surveyors to undertake thorough surveys of the impacted areas as part of their efforts. The land surveyors have determined the degree of encroachment and the parties in charge of it through their surveys. SCON Design India Pvt Ltd was able to develop workable remedies to the issue with the aid of this knowledge. To stop further development and safeguard the lakes' natural habitats, they have suggested building retaining walls and other infrastructure. The engagement of land surveyors and SCON Design India Pvt Ltd in this matter emphasizes how crucial effective planning and development are in metropolitan areas. It also underlines the necessity of stringent regulation enforcement to stop unauthorized construction and encroachment on public property. These specialists' work will significantly contribute to safeguarding Bangalore's priceless water resources and guaranteeing sustainable growth for future generations.

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