What Is Our Status?

Scon Design offers a variety of engineering services, including Civil, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineering, as well as SURVEYING, CAD SERVICES, ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN & PLAN, STRUCTURAL DESIGN,BUILDING CONSTRUCTIONS,INTERIOR DESIGNING,BIM SERVICES,3D MODELLING,DRAFTING,PRODUCT RENDERING & MODELLING SERVICES,CAD MIGRATION SERVICES, MECHANICAL DESIGN & ANALYSIS,BUILDING VENTILATION Customers who want constructional services would select Scon Design India Pvt Ltd as their go-to provider of a firm to meet their needs. formally established in the year 2016 Over the past seven years, Scon Design India Pvt Ltd has been working in the fields of construction and architecture, in addition to structural and survey work. has a significant amount of experience that spans over a decade. Founded by the first generation entrepreneur Mr. K SURESH, Scon Design India Pvt Ltd is now emerged as the most successful architecture firm in india under his effective management. Scon design india pvt ltd have a proven history of accomplishing many complex projects, be it luxury individual bungalows or massive government contracts.


To be a globally recognised and respected real estate brand that contributes to the joy and satisfaction of its clients, the protection of the natural world, and the advancement of society.


Q.U.E.S.T which stands for "Quality, Urgency, Excellence, Service, and Trust," is our guiding concept and reflects our commitment to serving families by improving their quality of life. In doing so, we create a stimulating and exciting workplace for our employees while also adding value for our shareholders. Our Q.U.E.S.T defined:

Q – Quality – Aim to be the brand that helps our consumers achieve a higher standard of living and a better quality of life. U – Unify – We will strive to create life spaces that harmonise the rhythm of our client's lives with the requirements of the natural world. E – Engage – Be the extended family of our clients by being there for them at all times, listening to all they have to say, and providing service with a smile. S stands for Sustainability; create environments that will provide a smile to Mother Earth. Using cutting-edge technologies to their full potential, T aims to improve both the overall quality of the built environment and the customer experience.