BIM has revolutionized building for over a decade. It involves generating, managing, and distributing digital building models. BIM is a construction process paradigm, not just software. We teach our clients that BIM is more than software at scondesign.BIM is misunderstood as software since software technologies help implement the BIM process. BIM requires stakeholders to collaborate on a shared model, changing the construction process. The model includes geometry, spatial relationships, quantities, and building component attributes. All project stakeholders—architects, contractors, and facility managers—can access this information.BIM involves people and processes, not just technology, at scondesign. Effective stakeholder collaboration and communication demands a mentality and culture shift. BIM can improve project visualization, reduce errors and rework, and improve project collaboration, helping us build better buildings.scondesign, one of the greatest construction companies, has used BIM in residential and commercial projects. Our BIM experts comprehend the technology and its execution. We also educate our clients on BIM's benefits and how it may help them reach their project goals.BIM involves teamwork, communication, and creativity, not simply software. scondesign is dedicated to teaching our clients about BIM's importance to the building industry's future. BIM helps us construct better structures that fulfill client and community needs.