Mechanical Engineering Services

Mechanical Engineering Services

Mechanical Engineering began to appear when newton laid down the most basis law of physics that led to the emergence of mechanics. Mechanics developed a lot, coinciding with the global development and the Industrail revolution

An Overview of the Mechanical Engineering :

The Speciality "Mechanical" Engineering or #Mechanical Engineering" Is a speciality that deals with anaysis, design, development of systmes, mechanical & Thermal Processes to get the best results and the Highest efficiency at the lowest cost and the least Possible impact on the environment to occur. These Processes include HVAC Systems, Heating systems, Structural Systems, Power Systems, sanitary systems, Manufacturing, transmission and control. Mechanical Engineering is also Concerned with all forms and types of energy, becuase it is fundamentally focused on forces, energy and Motion. It is worth Nothing that energy is one of the things taht are related to all matters of life, such as machinery, aviation, transportation and industry.

Our Skills

Effective communication
Self and Continous Learning
Creativity & Innovation
Time Management Skill

Services included in Mechanical Engineering:

Machine design
Heat Transfer lab
Heat transfer
Engineering Measurements & Instrumentation
Automatic COntrol systems
Mechanical Vibrations
Solar energy
INternal combusyion engines
Mechnical Drawing
solid mechanics


we live in a three-dimensional world, so anything around us can become a 3D modeling object. It is only a matter of intention.


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