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Are You Looking For A Decorator Or An Interior Designer In Bangalore ?

Are you redesigning your living space or your workplace and you want to hire a decoration professional?

Choosing an architect or interior designer is an important decision and requires serious consideration. It is therefore normal to ask certain questions..

How to select your service providers?

What time should be allowed for the completion of the work?

Is the planned budget realistic?

To answer your questions, Scondesign is there initially to inform and advise you.

Our Agency

Scondesign India Pvt Ltd is an interior design and Construction agency based in Bangalore. Founded by Suresh Kothuri.our agency offers services to individuals and professionals.

Our Style

Our style is bold without being eccentric. We create refined spaces that reflect your personality or the identity of your company or Residence. Our creations combine the elegance of Bangalore with Scandinavian, cosmopolitan and eclectic influences. Our philosophy has always been to design projects that are both contemporary and timeless, combining functionality, aesthetics and durability. For this we practice a style with clean shapes, harmonious colors using noble and natural materials.

Our Engagements

  • Create a functional, aesthetic and durable interior
  • Respect your needs and your budget
  • Treat all your requests with seriousness and professionalism
  • Accompany you through the different stages of your decoration project
  • Respect your privacy and your personal space
  • Inform you regularly about the status of your decoration project
  • Collaborate with quality craftsmen, able to carry out the work within the requested deadlines
  • Take into account the environmental impact of our proposals



Your living space is above all a reflection of your personality. An apartment or a house is often filled with memories and objects of high emotional value. Witness to your personal history, your place of life requires a respectful approach.

For this reason, we first take the time to listen to you in order to better understand your lifestyle and your needs. This allows you to offer a project that is consistent with your personality. Our interior designer will play with contrasts, color, light and materials to bring the harmony you dream of.

Listening to our customers, we enhance the space and create the interior that resembles you.

For more information, visit our page dedicated to apartment decoration.



Are you looking for a decorator or an interior designer in Bangalore for your professional project? It is now essential to contact a decoration agency with the experience and skills to succeed in such a project.

Indeed, the design of a restaurant, hotel or office is increasingly located at the intersection of space design and marketing.

Well-thought-out interior architecture can increase the efficiency of your business for two reasons. First of all, creating a unique and attractive visual identity is a key factor to captivate and retain your customers. Second, a well-thought-out planning solution promotes the well-being and productivity of your teams.

Our interior design agency offers a range of services that will enhance your brand.

Do not hesitate to visit our pages dedicated to your sector of activity:

  • Restaurant, brasserie, bistro, fast food
  • Bar, cafe, lounge

Office, workspace, lobby, waiting room, meeting room

From decoration coaching to turnkey project

Scondesign offers tailor-made services for any interior design and space planning project.

Each service of our interior design agency begins with a first exchange in order to discover your project.

We will then send you a quote that meets your needs.


Interior Designer

Get assistance from an interior designer in your planning, renovation or restructuring project for your house or apartment in Paris and its surroundings.

Why call on an interior designer in Bangalore?

To have a first meeting which also serves as a diagnosis before real estate purchase .

To be accompanied by a qualified interior designer, with the professional insurance required for interior renovation work.

The experience of an interior designer allows you to anticipate all the data of your development project in Paris before starting the renovation work on your home: project feasibility, budget to be expected.

Benefit from the expertise of an interior designer on the choice of materials, colors, furniture and equipment. His look will allow you to optimize the potential of your interior and to make the right choices in terms of layout and decoration. An interior designer helps you project yourself into your new apartment / your new house in Bangalore through graphic elements: sketches, plans, 3D renderings.

An interior designer will help you obtain the most accurate quotes possible from general construction companies in Paris and its surroundings: masonry, electricity, plumbing, carpentry, painting, etc.

The interior designer puts you in touch with craftsmen and contractors recognized for their reliability and professionalism, with the required civil and ten-year liability insurance. Regular and often exclusive collaboration with them is a guarantee of the quality of their work.

Your Collaboration With An Interior Designer In Bangalore

The interior designer accompanies you in the reflection of your renovation project of your interior in Bangalore and its surroundings: from listening to your wishes (budgetary, aesthetic, and lifestyle) within the framework of a study until ” monitoring and coordination of the renovation site.

1st Step - Scon Tips - Interior Diagnosis

From the first interior diagnosis appointment, the interior designer will work with you at your home in Paris on your project. Concretely, he is at your disposal to understand your project and immediately brings you planning and / or renovation solutions.

During the visit, he immediately communicates orally his impressions of your home. It tells you about the essential aspects to consider in the context of an interior design project.

It highlights the technical aspects of your interior : Load-bearing walls, partitions, quality of insulation, condition of plumbing and joinery, distribution networks (electricity, water, gas).

The interior designer studies with you the potential of the space : Natural lighting, possibility of optimizing spaces and redistributing the rooms of the accommodation.

At the end of the visit, he gives you an initial budgetary approach to the renovation work to be considered. This is not a general building contractor estimate, but a range given as an indication and not contractual.

His experience and expertise in interior design allow him to interpret your tastes, to share his ideas and advice with you in matters of materials, colors, equipment, decoration and furnishings.

If you are prospecting for real estate and want to buy a property, he will carry out a diagnosis with you before purchase .

2nd Stage - Study Your Interior Design Project

From the survey of the existing and the potential of your interior, the interior designer makes various proposals for your interior design, using sketches and drawings.

Once your development project has been completed, it offers you all the technical elements that will be used during the renovation work: side installation plan files, sections, elevations, electrical plan.

He selects with you and then references the different materials that will be used during the fitting-out work: tiling, parquet, sanitary supplies, etc.

On the basis of the site description, the interior designer consults the general building contractor selected for you according to the specificity of your project. Its expertise and knowledge of the market allow it to obtain a coherent and studied quote from it .

At this stage, you have the choice to commission us for the rest of your interior design mission. We will then ensure the monitoring and coordination of the work and supervise the progress of the site for you.

3rd Stage - Monitoring And Coordination Of Interior Design Work

The interior designer follows the development of the development work and coordinates all the actors of the renovation site  : general building contractor, kitchen designer, tiler, carpenter, plumber, mason, painter, etc.

He ensures that your project is well implemented and controls the progress of the work, the respect of deadlines and the decisions made. He regularly organizes meetings to keep you up to date with the development work.

His expertise in interior design, his knowledge of your project and your tastes allow him to select, at your side, the furniture , the decoration and the colors to harmonize your future apartment or your future home in Paris and its surroundings.

In order to best stick to your decoration budget, it gives you the benefit of its professional discounts from the suppliers and shops it has selected for the decoration of your interior.

After you move in, he takes part in setting up your furniture and decorative items.



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