BIM( Bim Information Modelling )

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BIM( Bim Information Modelling )

At BIM Services, we are constantly evolving and seek to developOur skills and our services to best respond to the suggestions of our partners.In this section you will discover the service themes that we have already thought of for you.


Our team will be able to respond to your requests for the creation of specific BIM objects:

Railings, fences, modular structural elements, non-BIM joinery and accessories allowing you to automatically fill in your plans. whatever your expectations , we will be able to create custom object or library you are missing. Delivery in ARCHICAD or REVIT format for optimal IFC compatibility.

Our expertise will also support architects and project managers in the creation of digital models with BIM charter adapted to the design of buildings. This charter will contain graphic and architectural elements and the configuration of the view sets and OPENBIM exchange protocols.

Discover here our ARCHICAD library object for generating text lines . Compatible with ARCHICAD versions 17 to 20 , this object developed in GDL is available for unrestricted use. Contact us if you want to develop GDL developments for ARCHICAD.


We support you in integrating the BIM process into your projects. From the correct entry of the digital model to the definition of exchange protocols in IFC with the various project stakeholders.

Depending on your structure (independent, small teams or larger workshops), your level, the size and complexity of your projects, we offer you a progressive tailor-made course with an initial diagnosis followed by on-site support and remotely, essential for successful integration.

Our BIM Services Include :

  • BIM consulting
  • BIM Solutions
  • BIM Project Management
  • BIM Implementation
  • Documentation Services

BIM Services can support you for:

• Creation of start-up files and usage rules that manage DAO, CAD and BIM in a relevant way

• The pre-configuration of each of the tools, their parameters and attributes as part of a BIM process

• configuring PDF, DWG, XLS, IFC exports and imports, etc.,

• Taking into account in the template, the template of the open

• BIM coordination process


BIM coordination

BIM projects require great rigor and a precise distribution of roles and responsibilities within the Project Management team.

The BIM management of an operation consists, among other things, in studying the needs and objectives to be achieved, establishing an agreement between the actors, the methods and levels of detail of the renderings, the coordination of the project stakeholders from the early stages of the design until delivery of the building.

BIM convention

By first establishing clear rules that suit everyone, the BIM manager clarifies the exchanges and relations between the members of the Project Management and with the Project Management. He ensures that the established objectives are respected and provides assistance to architects and design offices.

Project support

BIM Services has the experience of exchanges between the different actors and tools. We can assist you in the implementation of a BIM strategy, as a member of the Project Management team or as a subcontractor of one of the members of the group.


The implementation of BIM requires a significant investment in equipment but also in training time, creation and implementation of a new graphic charter, new templates. It is possible that the arrival of a new project to render in BIM, does not leave time for the agency to adapt its production tools.

BIM Services can support digital mock-up input missions from projects or statements in CAD or paper format, allowing you to migrate to BIM adapted to your pace and without risk.

The result: clear, legible models, quickly executed and in accordance with your standards or those of your Client.


Algorithmic modeling

Rhinoceros 3D is recognized as the most flexible, powerful and fastest surface and volume modeler on the market. Associated with Grasshopper , a nodal development platform, it paves the way for algorithmic (or parametric ) modeling which makes it possible to very quickly simulate an infinite number of possibilities depending on the constraints of the project.

For dynamic analysis

The Rhinoceros 3D – ARCHICAD dynamic gateway allows you to model and visualize parametric changes in real time in ARCHICAD. In the sketch phase, this connection brings the most complex shapes to life in Rhinoceros 3D while immediately translating them into BIM architectural elements in ARCHICAD. The performance of these assembled tools gives birth to a powerful tool for designing non-standard forms of research and analysis.



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